To advocate for the platonic ideal of the global financial system hashed on the blockchain.

Daniel Oon

Daniel Oon is Research Partner at Nodex Capital a cryptoasset VC firm. He is a member of International Association for Cryptologic Research. He graduated summa cum laude with highest departmental honors from the SUNY Buffalo in Economics. Passionate about the impact of technology on economies through the study of Economics of Digitization. His research interest is primarily focused on the reduction of information asymmetry and the study of agent on the blockchain.

Anmol Karwal

Anmoldeep Singh Karwal is an Economics and Finance sophomore at the University of London. He is passionate about financial technology and is researching on the macroeconomic implications of Blockchain Technology on various sectors of the world economy. Since then, Anmol has been exploring blockchain technology and its applications across various industries. In addition to CI, he is the Vice President for Research and Editorial at SIM Economics Society, a student led economics research society where he is managing macroeconomic and geopolitical research and publications. He is also an executive committee member at Economics Society of Singapore (Youth Wing).