At Cryptoeconomics Institute, we are passionate about designing full system blockchain frameworks. Our alliance of analysts are specialists in their own right. With expertise ranging from monetary economics  to game theoretical architecture.  

What we do


We prioritize research in all that we doing, providing higher weights and attention to quality research that furthers the blockchain ecosystem.

math & economics

We focus on the fundamentals of economic frameworks of different blockchains ensuring that the system is more than the sum of its parts.


Providing actionable insights, our alliance of analysts and associates help guide blockchain mechanism design. 

our expertise


At Cryptoeconomics Institute, we are focused on the economical framework of the various blockchains. We delve into the game theoretical incentives to ensure that they are aligned.


Aligning the vision our researchers and analysts. We provide them with the tools needed to provide guidance to executives and developers to design a prudent monetary system in the form of a blockchain or DLTs.


Cryptoeconomics Institute researchers and alliance ensure that your blockchain framework remains sound in the face of parallel fiat markets. Coins are also tested to be a strong intertemporal medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account.

companies we've worked with